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Ingredients & Bulk Products

Bulk Proprietary Nutraceutical Blends for Innovators

Health Specialties Manufacturing, a GHT Company, serves as an extension of your business to deliver market-tested supplements and access to exclusive raw ingredients that help you expand your market share and create products that you and your customers will love. We sell our exclusive ingredient blends and bulk materials directly to you so that you are able to formulate, produce and/or package in a customized manner.

The Founding Scientists

Through relationships with the founding scientists you gain access to an exclusive market of the highest quality raw ingredient blends and bulk materials for your products. We partner with the best and brightest to bring groundbreaking discoveries into the hands of consumers. We will work side-by-side with you to take your ingredient or product to market, through proven channels and high-value partnerships.

You Get Access To Fully-Vetted Raw Ingredients

See the product line of your dreams come to life with formulas that feature exclusive raw ingredient blends, discovered by renowned founding scientists from across the globe. They are available for bulk sale and due to our relationships with our Founding Scientists, we can offer nationwide and, in some cases, worldwide exclusivity for our nutraceutical blends.

Explore Exclusive Proprietary Blends That
Take Your Product To The Next Level

Each of our blends is carefully researched and developed with raw ingredients. The selected active raw ingredients define the focus of your product, but it is the partnership with our raw ingredient experts that determines its quality and integrity.

Probiotic Blends

3-Lac, 5-Lac, and 7-Lac are offered in bulk stick packs. HSM is the exclusive source for these probiotic blends in 41 countries, including the U.S.


The most natural, tested, and proven Vegan Vitamin D3 in the world is offered in oil and powder forms. HSM is the exclusive source in North America.


As an immunity support, it’s offered as a pure extract and PelaForce™ with a Maltodextrin blend. HSM is the exclusive source for both in the U.S.


This is a natural histamine blocker. It comes as a powder, chewable tablets, and gum pieces. HSM is the exclusive source for EZClear™ in the U.S.

We’ve Already Paved the Way

To choose a raw ingredient from HSM is to choose security, consistent quality, and a roadmap forward. Our ingredients are fully-vetted and capable of meeting some of the strictest quality standards in the industry.

Industry-Leading Science Team

Led by veteran Chief Scientist Ernesto Mejia, our in-house science team offers expertise in raw material sourcing, testing, formulation, and quality control oversight for nutritional supplements.

Third-Party Testing Facilities

Along with our industry-leading science team and our own internal laboratory, we utilize a network of third party testing facilities to thoroughly vet all components and related production processes of a raw material.

Sustainable Sourcing

During our review processes with partnering Founding Scientists, we ensure the selected raw ingredients include sustainable sourcing to continually support your supply chain requirements.

Our Capabilities

Producing consistently high-quality vitamin and supplement products is a complex process, but the right manufacturing partner makes it feel seamless. Our full-line organization delivers in every area of nutraceutical development and production - from sourcing to delivery - to make formulating your new supplement straightforward, timely, and cost-effective.

In-House Science Team

Liquid Processes

In-House Complex Powder Blending

Diverse Packaging

Project Management

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Our raw ingredient expertise protects your product line’s reputation while giving you access to some of the most cutting-edge ingredient knowledge available today.